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Christmas Patch is Here!

21 Dec 2022

Mery Christmas Everyone!


We have released Christmas patch, Informations about that patch find on our discord channel.



-Global Kill's Reset added;
-Global Stats Reset added;
-Global PvP Rewards Reset added;
-Kill rate is now x2;
-Shared Kills on all characters removed;
-A new version of anti-cheat added;



Happy Holidays Dear Shaiyan's wishing you all the best! Ho Ho Ho!!!


About Shaiya Epic

12 Oct 2022

Shaiya Epic is one of the longest servers that currently exists in the community.

Our community is made up of the best people, if you are looking for a long-term server, you founded the right place.

With all due respect,

Shaiya Epic Team


Official Launch

03 Jan 2022

5th February 2022 Shaiya Epic has been released!


Registration account is now available.


Download game from here.


For more information Join our DISCORD channel.