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Server is back Online!

31 Mar 2022

Hello dear Shaiya Epic Community.

For given reasons and the upcoming attacks that have affected the server, we have considered the server backup of 18 March 2022 as the only option. In short it means that it will be reset to the mentioned date.


I would like to thank you again for this honest and loyal community who strongly believe in this server and continue to be at the forefront.


Your trust will not be broken and I apologise again personally for the time you have had to wait, so I have decided that as soon as the server/website is back up, I will compensate each loyal player with 2000 SP.


All donations SP from 18th March until 29th will be added to your accounts And for everyone we will keep focus on the lost items and work to bring them back.


Additional notes for players for the next few days:

  •    - 2000 SP for every loyal player will be added;
  •    - Kill rate increased to x3 instead x2 for a certain amount of time;
  •    - EXP Rate increased from x250 to x300;
  •    - Daily we will host big MM in Capitals with a lot of bosses;
  •    - There will be special PvP Events in the next days where the players will receive 500 SP for joining;


I hope very much for your understanding and we will look forward together with the best community there is here. 


Join our new Discord!

13 Feb 2022

Hi everyone!


Our old discord is not anymore accessible.

Please Join our new discord via



Thank you, Shaiya Epic Team


Welcome to Shaiya Epic

03 Jan 2022

Registration account is now available.

For more information Join our DISCORD channel.